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Rosneft Discovers New Hydrocarbon Deposits at Eastern Siberia’s License Blocks

18 December 2013

Four new hydrocarbon deposits were discovered at Rosneft’s license blocks in Eastern Siberia, and reserves for one of the reservoirs have been converted from C2 to C1 category. The increase in C1 recoverable oil and condensate reserves was over 10 million tonnes; gas reserves – 12 bcm, which was approved by the State Committee for Mineral Reserves after corresponding consideration.

Three new deposits were discovered in Irkutsk Region at the Mogdinskiy license area within Savostyanov field following the results of Mogdinskaya-10 exploration well drilling: one oil and gas condensate and two gas condensate deposits. The testing of the complex ancient Vend-Cambrian carbonate reservoirs of the lower and upper Ust-Kut and Osinsky horizons resulted in gas and condensate flows, the production rate being up to 425 thousand cubic meters per day, and oil flows at the level of 90 cubic meters per day. The well was sunk with due account for the new geologic model developed by Rosneft subsidiaries, RN-Exploration and RN-KrasnoyarskNIPIneft, and penetrated new-type highly productive objects for this region.

The correctness of the geologic model was successfully confirmed with a new exploration well in North-Danilovskoe field (Danilovskiy license area). Testing of this well resulted in commercial oil flows with the production rate of over 165 cubic meters per day from the lower Ust-Kut horizon, gas and condensate flows with the production rate of over 50 thousand cubic meters per day from the Preobrazhenskiy horizon, which allowed discovering an additional hydrocarbon deposit.

Preparing new reserves for developing production activities in the promising regions of Eastern Siberia is the strategic objective of Rosneft that is focused on providing the sustainable production growth in the medium term and in the long run. Rosneft pays special attention to performing an optimum scope of exploration work and raising its efficiency.

Notes for Editors:

RN-Exploration, a subsidiary of Rosneft, performs exploration works on the six license areas of the Company in Irkutsk Region as an operator. Its activities resulted in the discovery of 6 hydrocarbon fields with total C1 + C2 recoverable reserves of over 540 million tonnes of oil equivalent. These license blocks are located close to the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean main pipeline.

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December 18, 2013