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Rosneft Fully Switches to Domestic Production of Hydroprocessing Catalyst

21 June 2021

Rosneft Oil Company's refining complex has fully switched to hydroprocessing catalyst manufactured by RN-Kat, a specialized enterprise of the Company.

This is the first diesel hydrotreating catalyst for the Russian refining industry that can fully replace foreign hydrotreating catalysts for Euro-5 diesel fuel with ultra-low sulphur content below 10 ppm.

The catalyst ensures the production of diesel fuel that meets the latest technical requirements and provides a high-quality end product. The catalyst is equal to the world's best analogues and surpasses them in some respects.

Rosneft's operating innovative development programme is aimed at the replacement of imported technologies in high-quality oil products production. One of the programme's main objectives is to shift the Company's refineries to the use of high-yield in-house catalysts, thus avoiding risks of dependence on foreign products supplies.

RN-Kat not only provides the needs of Rosneft for hydroprocessing catalysts but is also able to supply them for commercial realization. By replacing foreign analogues, the plant's products increase the technological stability, independence, and economic efficiency of the entire Russian oil refining industry.

In addition, RN-Kat specialists have developed a technology for the production of a hydrocracking catalyst. The new development will increase the production of high-quality Euro-5 motor fuels made of vacuum gasoil.

The new catalyst has been successfully tested in the Novokuibyshevsk Catalyst Plant with the involvement of specialists from the Srednevolzhskiy Research Institute of Oil Refining (an enterprise of Rosneft). Tests have shown that domestic development is equal to foreign analogues in such key parameter as activity (duration of catalyst operation while maintaining quality characteristics) and selection of main products (figure of the volume of the main output).

Production of a new hydrocracking catalyst on RN-Kat will significantly reduce dependence on foreign analogues. The catalyst will be supplied to the Ufa Oil Refining Complex and eventually to other enterprises of Rosneft.

Note for Editors:

RN-Kat is a plant for the production of catalysts with a capacity of up to 4 thousand tons per year in the city of Sterlitamak. Advanced facilities for regeneration of hydroprocessing and hydrocracking catalysts at the Rosneft's Novokuibyshevsk Catalyst Plant  fully cover the Company's current and future catalyst regeneration needs, even given the share of the advanced cracking projects.

One of the main goals of the innovative refining development is to eliminate dependence on imported catalysts.

For several years, Rosneft has been gradually replacing imported catalysts with domestically-made ones at gasoline reforming. The same catalysts are equally well used by Russian enterprises of other oil companies. Angarsk-made catalysts for gasoline reforming exceed 60% at the Rosneft refinery, and 30% in Russia generally.

Rosneft is the only company in the country that produces catalysts for platinum-containing gasoline reforming, catalysts for the generation of hydrogen, and now for diesel hydrotreating.

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June 21, 2021