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Rosneft Commences Industrial Use of Unique In-House Hydrotreatment Catalyst

08 December 2020

Rosneft Oil Company has commenced the industrial use of an in-house hydrotreatment catalyst. An industrial batch of the unique catalyst has been applied at the diesel hydrotreater of the Ryazan Oil Refining Company.

This is the first diesel hydrotreating catalyst for the Russian refining industry that can fully replace foreign hydrotreating catalysts for Euro-5 diesel fuel with ultra-low sulphur content below 10 ppm.

 Rosneft pays special attention to the development of its own production of catalyst agents for oil refining. It is the key area to ensure the technical stability of the Company’s downstream operations and reduce its dependence on imported technologies.

Earlier, the catalyst produced at RN-Kat, Rosneft’s specialty enterprise, underwent pilot tests at the Company’s Ufa group of refineries with success.

The catalyst ensures the production of diesel fuel that meets the latest technical requirements and provides a high quality end product. The catalyst is not only equal to the world’s best analogues but also in some respects even surpasses them.

As of November 2020, four out of five catalytic reforming units of the Ryazan Oil Refining Company were switched to in-house catalysts of Rosneft, which provide high operational performance as well.

The industrial use of domestic catalysts will allow the plant to increase economic efficiency and technological sustainability of production.

Rosneft’s operating innovative development programme is aimed at the replacement of imported technologies in high-quality oil products production. One of the programme’s main objectives is to shift the Company’s refineries to the use of high-yield in-house catalysts, thus avoiding risks of dependence on foreign products supplies.

Note for Editors:

Ryazan Oil Refining Company JSC, a subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company, is one of the four largest refineries in Russia in terms of refining volumes and output.

The refinery produces a wide range of high-quality petroleum products, such as high-octane motor gasolines, including the green Euro 6 (over 1.2 million tonnes produced) and Pulsar 100, diesel fuel, jet fuel, road and construction bitumen, and others.

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December 8, 2020

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