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Rosneft improves casing pipe production technologies

15 October 2020

Scientists of the Rosneft United Research and Development Centre developed a technology for production of casing pipes from ultra high strength polymer polydicyclopentadiene. Earlier, the Centre's experts also created the polymer. The innovative material is not subject to deformation and shows increased resistance to physical impact and aggressive environments (acids, alkalies and hydrocarbons) at temperatures between -60 °С and 185 °С.

The introduction of the best practices and new technologies is one of the key priorities of the Rosneft-2022 Strategy. The Company pays special attention to innovative development, recognising technology leadership as a key competitive factor on the oil market.

Casing pipes are used in well construction and are usually made of metal. The Company's innovative casing pipes made of polydicyclopentadiene are ultralight, environmentally friendly, impervious to corrosion and ultra-tough. A pipe with thickness of 1 centimeter can withstand pressure of up to 360 atmospheres. Such pipe is based on a glass fibre, upon which the polymer material is applied. Producing one industrial pipe takes 20 minutes.

The cost of a casing pipe based on polydicyclopentadiene is significantly lower than of its counterparts based on epoxy and polyester resins and does not exceed the cost of a corrosion-resistant metal pipe. Due to substitution of metal casing pipes with pipes containing ultra high strength polymer, Rosneft will achieve significant cost reductions on servicing and construction of wells.

Note for Editors:

The Rosneft United Research and Development Centre, the research institute of Rosneft Oil Company, is engaged in practical development in oil and gas refining and chemistry. The Centre researches the most promising technologies of oil and gas refining and chemistry, develops long-term strategic projects based on in-depth analysis of current trends in the oil and gas industry.

Rosneft United Research and Development Centre fully meets the global standards developed for R&D centres of major production companies.

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October 15, 2020

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