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Rosneft Begins Production of New Generation of Innovative Catalyst

16 January 2020

Specialists of Rosneft United Research and Development Centre have developed the Ht-100RN diesel fractions hydrotreating catalyst, which provides the production of Euro-5 diesel fuel and has operational properties that are significantly superior to foreign counterparts. The company managed to implement the full cycle of creating an innovative product: from scientific development to industrial testing. Catalyst production has been launched at the Angarsk Catalyzers and Organic Synthesis Plant (ACOSP), and trial operation is being carried out at Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim. 

The test results confirmed the unique operational properties: the Ht-100RN operates at a lower temperature (5-10 degrees lower than its counterparts) with high stability of performance and longer service life - two to three times longer than that of imported counterparts. 

The development of technological potential is one of the key priorities of Rosneft Oil Company. As part of the implementation of the “Rosneft-2022” Strategy, the Company is systematically introducing new technological solutions throughout the entire production chain. Pilot tests of the Ht-100RN started in August 2018, and now, the industrial run of the catalyst continues for the second year without overload and regeneration. Based on the results of the tests, a decision was made to start serial production of a new innovative catalyst at the Company’s plants with its subsequent use at the refineries of Rosneft Oil Company. The Ht-100RN has become the first domestic diesel hydrotreating catalyst introduced into industrial production in Russia in the last two decades.

Note for Editors:

The Rosneft United Research and Development Centre, the major institute of the corporate R&D complex of Rosneft Oil Company, is engaged in practical development in oil and gas refining and chemistry. The Centre researches the most promising technologies of oil and gas refining and chemistry, develops long-term strategic projects based on in-depth analysis of current trends in the oil and gas industry.

Rosneft United Research and Development Centre fully meets the global standards developed for R&D centres of major production companies.

The Angarsk Catalyzers and Organic Synthesis Plant, a subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company, is a specialized enterprise producing a wide range of catalysts, adsorbents, catalyst carriers, dehumidifiers, and zeolites, as well as organic synthesis products in the form of additives and improvers to motor fuel.

The plant’s products have proved themselves at oil refineries, chemical, nitrogen, gas processing plants and other plants in Russia and neighboring countries and beyond.

Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim is one of the three refineries of Bashneft (part of Rosneft). The installed capacity is 9.5 million tons per year. It specializes in processing several types of hydrocarbon feedstock (Western Siberian crude, Arlan high-sulfur crude, gas condensate) to produce various fuels and petrochemical products.

The plant produces almost 60 items of products, among them, are gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, jet fuel, liquefied gases, aromatic hydrocarbons.

 January 16, 2020