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Bashneft Starts Commercial Production of RON-100 Gasoline

24 July 2019

The Bashneft Oil Refining Complex (a subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company) has launched the commercial production of high-octane gasoline, RON-100, under its own technology. The start-up of the new product was achieved due to the implementation of the upgrading programme at the Ufa Oil Refining Complex as part of the Rosneft-2022 Strategy.

RON-100 gasoline is designed for high-powered engines. Its outstanding detonation properties make it possible to deliver the full potential of modern engines and increase the efficiency of sports car engines.

The blend composition of the RON-100 fuel was significantly changed in comparison with RON-98-K5 gasoline. The fuel contains an increased quantity of high-quality components preventing the formation of deposits. In addition to the improved operational properties, RON-100 motor gasoline has better environmental performance:

  • the amount of deposits on intake valves down by 2.2%,
  • the amount of combustion chamber deposits down 8.8%, and
  • the specific fuel consumption down 4%.

The high environmental performance of the fuel is due to the use of low-sulphur components.

The new product has passed all qualification and benchmark tests at the Rosneft All-Russian Research Institute for Oil Refining and has also received confirmation of compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations for gasoline of K5 environmental class. The Bashneft-produced RON-100 fuel meets the requirements of the technical regulation ТР ТС 013/2011 with reference to K5 gasoline, as well as the reference documentation and qualification standards.

Retail sales of the new RON-100 gasoline have started on 25 Bashneft fuel-filling stations in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Sverdlovsk Region, and the Republic of Mordovia. Starting this August, the fuel goes on sale on the Company’s stations in Orenburg Region.


July 24, 2019

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