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Rosneft Completes Development of Its Own Geomechanics Simulator

15 January 2019

Specialists from RN-UfaNIPIneft, a facility of Rosneft’s corporate Research and Development Complex, have completed their work on creation of the first industrial model of RN-SIGMA corporate software solution designed for geomechanics modelling when drilling. The software allows Company’s engineers expanding their application of geomechanics for borehole stability calculation and reducing the risks during drilling of directional and horizontal wells.

Technological potential development is one of the key items of the Rosneft-2022 Strategy. The Company pays special attention to innovation, recognising the technological leadership as an essential element for competitive performance on the oil market.

RN-SIGMA software bundle features all the tools required to construct a 1D geomechanics model - borehole near-wall stress calculation; borehole stability analysis; and best drilling settings calculation.

Comparisons made during the development showed that RN-SIGMA calculations meet the level of its best global peers, while RN-SIGMA is more user-friendly. The use of the own geomechanics simulator makes it possible to create a shared information space with reference to geomechanics modelling, knowledge accumulation, and efficient interaction of Company’s geo-engineers.

At the moment, RN-SIGMA undergoes pilot tests to be further distributed to all production and R&D facilities of the Company.

Note for Editors:

eomechanics is a field of science covering the mechanics of rocks - their properties, condition, deformation, and failure, taking place in certain environmental conditions, under mining engineering and technological impact.

Well construction geomechanics support is about development of solutions and provision of online engineering support to drilling based on geomechanics calculations of the borehole stability, in order to find the perfect design and drilling practices.

RN-UfaNIPIneft is a Research and Development Design Institution featuring a massive resource base and great scientific potential aimed at finding solutions for both strategic and tactical tasks of Rosneft Oil Company.

RN-UfaNIPIneft covers the main areas of upstream, field infrastructure construction, and integrated design for the largest fields of Rosneft, specifically in exploration of oil and gas reservoirs, oil and gas exploration technology, well construction, production technology, oilfield infrastructure design.

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January 15, 2019