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Oil refining

NK Rosneft is No. 1 in Russia in terms of capacities and volumes of oil refining. In recent years, the Company's refining activities have been focused on meeting the market demand for quality petroleum products. Over a number of years, Rosneft has been consistently implementing the modernization program for Russian refineries, which has improved the quality of its products and increased its competitiveness. This is the most ambitious program for the modernization of oil refining capacities in the Russian oil industry, which includes the fulfillment of the Company's obligations under the quadripartite agreement. Within this program, in late 2015, the plant switched to 100% production of motor fuels of the Euro 5 class for the Russian domestic market, as required by the Technical Regulations.

As part of the Company's refinery unit in the Russian Federation, there are 13 large oil refineries located in key regions of the country: Komsomolsky, Tuapsinsky, Kuibyshevsky, Novokuybyshevsky, Syzransky, Achinsksky, Saratovsky refineries, Ryazan Oil Refining Company and Angarsk Petrochemical Company, oil refining complex of ANK Bashneft PJSC (Bashneft-Novoil, Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim, Bashneft-UNPZ) Yaroslavsky Refinery.

The total designed capacity of the major oil refineries in Russia is 118.4 million ton of oil per year. The Company also includes several mini-refineries in the Russian Federation, the largest of which is the Nizhnevartovsk Oil Refinery.

PJSC NK Rosneft's share in refining in Russia is more than 35%.   Due to the integration of Bashneft's assets   in 4Q 2016, the volume of oil refining at the Company's Russian refineries exceeded 100 million tons in 2017 compared to 87.5 million tons in 2016. The yield of light oil products increased by 1.8 percentage points in 2017 compared to 2016, to 58.4%, and the depth of processing - by 3.2 percentage points, to 75.2%.

The 2017 processing yield of the Company's mini-refineries in the Russian Federation amounted to 1.9 million ton.

PJSC NK Rosneft also owns a number of processing plants abroad: in Germany, Belarus and India.

In Germany, the Company owns shares (from 24 to 54%) in three highly efficient refineries, and in Belarus, it indirectly owns a 21% share in  Mozyrsky Refinery OJSC. The Company also owns a 49% share in India's second-largest high-tech refinery, Vadinar, which has a total processing capacity of 20 million tons of oil per year.

 The volume of processing at Germany's factories amounted to 12 million tons in 2017.   The volume of processing of crude oil by Mozyrsky Refinery OJSC in the share of PJSC NK Rosneft amounted to 2.1 million tons in 2017.