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Catalyst plants

The Company has two catalyst plants: Angarsk Plant of Catalysts and Organic Synthesis (AZKiOS) and Novokuibyshevsk Catalyst Plant (NZK). AZKiOS produces more than 50 formulations of various catalysts of oil refining and petrochemical processes, including for gasoline reforming, catalysts for the production of special fuels, production of hydrogen, methanol, and a number of desiccants and sorbents.

A license unit with a capacity of 4,000 tons per year for the out-of-pile regeneration of catalysts for hydrogenation processes of oil refining was built and put into operation at the Novokuibyshevsk Catalyst Plant.

Currently, catalyst plants are modernizing production facilities: a new production site with a capacity of 600 tons per year of modern catalysts for reforming and isomerization of gasoline is being built at AZKiOS, and a pilot plant for the production of hydrotreating catalysts is being built at NZK.

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Gas Processing

Tuymazinskoye   GPP LLC

452774,   Republic of Bashkortostan, Tuimazinskiy District, Tuymazy

Shkapovskoe   GPP LLC

452017,   Republic of Bashkortostan, Priyutovo


Ufaorgsintez   PJSC

450037,   Ufa, Ufaorgsintez PJSC

Information on VNKhK construction for posting on the site:

The construction of the Eastern Petrochemical Company in the Far East

The VNKhK project envisages the creation of the largest oil refining and petrochemical complex in the Far Eastern Federal District.

The project will solve the problem of local deficits and high prices for motor fuels in the Far Eastern Federal District and lay the foundation for the creation of a petrochemical cluster in the region. The VNKhK complex will make it possible to maximize the use of the market situation in the Asia-Pacific region and export the final products with a high level of added value.

At present, a set of measures is being carried out to prepare for the construction of the first and second stages of the project:

1st stage - petrochemical production with a capacity of 3.4 million tons per year for raw materials, for production of the following main marketable products:

•Polyethylenes - 850 thousand tons per year - for the production of a wide range of polymer films and pipes;

•Polypropylenes - 800 thousand tons per year - for the production of various cable and medical products;

•Butadiene - 200 thousand tons per year - for the production of synthetic rubbers (PBR, SSBR, EPDM, etc.);

•Benzene - 230 thousand tons per year - feedstock for the production of drugs, various plastics, synthetic rubber, dyes;

•MEG - 700 thousand tons per year - for the production of a wide range of household products (synthetic fibers, solvents, low-freezing and hydraulic fluids).

2nd stage: oil refining with a capacity of 12 million tons per year to produce motor fuels (gasoline: 1 million 570 thousand tons per year, diesel fuel: 6 million tons per year, kerosene: 790 thousand tons per year, marine low-viscosity fuel: 140 thousand tons per year);

At this stage, work has been completed to prepare project documentation for the 1st and 2nd stages of the project, including infrastructure facilities (railway tracks, off-site road, water supply facilities, oil pipeline, gas pipeline, electric grid facilities, etc.)

In September 2017, during the 3rd Eastern Economic Forum, Eastern Petrochemical Company JSC and Corporation for the Development of the Far East JSC signed an agreement on the implementation of activities in the Neftekhimichesky territory of the advanced social and economic development (TASED). Eastern Petrochemical Company JSC was granted the status of an anchor resident of the TASED Neftekhimichesky.

The total amount of capital investments in the construction of the 1st and 2nd stages will be about 660 billion rubles. The expected multiplier effect of the project is up to 600 billion rubles.

The construction of VNKhK has a number of advantages in comparison with many Russian and foreign analogs:

•        100% provision with own raw materials;

•        Location in the immediate vicinity of the ESPO and exit to the sea;

•        Proximity to the largest sales markets, the APR;

•        Lower unit costs for the production of petrochemical products.

The project is supported by President of the Russian Federation V. Putin (No. Pr-2970 dated December 19, 2013), by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation D. Medvedev (No. DM-P9-705p dated January 31, 2014), as well as regional authorities.